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Guardianship Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Arrange for and make medical decisions about care, medical treatment, and other services
  2. Consider the values and desires of the protected person in all decision-making
  3. Encourage the protected person to participate in all decisions
  4. Determine optimal placement within budgetary constraints
  5. Ensure that all basic needs are met, including food, clothing, shelter, socialization, etc.
  6. File an initial personal care plan report as directed by the court
  7. Submit timely annual reports to the court
  8. Encourage family involvement as desired

Quality of life means something different to everyone. As a guardian, I seek to understand what quality of life means to each of the clients I serve.

As a guardian or medical power of attorney, I accept the responsibility of protecting the quality of life with compassion and diligence.

My goal in guardianship or medical power of attorney is to promote the highest level of independence while ensuring safety and health.